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I started P2Pblog in 2016 as the UK Peer to Peer Lending industry was in a period of rapid expansion. I posted monthly updates of my personal investments across P2P Lending, ETFs and Property Crowdfunding. I made in depth reviews of platforms that I had used, and created some basic tools and industry insights.

The industry developed rapidly, with greater involvement from the FCA and as P2P Lending platforms began to offer the Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA) which allowed long term investments in a more tax-efficient structure. However, there were underlying issues with many of the nascent platforms, either potential fraud, mismanagement or business models that relied on higher interest rate margins. From 2019 we saw some high profile platform failures where investors (myself included) lost money or had their invesments tied up for long periods of time. We also saw some of the larger more successful platforms change their 'P2P' business model and close their offerings to retail investors.

Despite the failures within the industry there are still some P2P lending platforms which have survived and continue to advertise high interest rate returns for retail investor capital. These may still have a place in a well diversified portfolio for sophisticated investors.