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P2P Blog is a UK focused investing blog which offers reviews and analysis on peer to peer lending and similar alternative finance investments.

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When I first started investing in peer to peer lending I was overwhelmed by the different options and possibilities. There’s nearly 100 different alternative finance platforms now open to UK investors, either here or in continental Europe. These differ widely in terms of the expected returns, the risks, the amount of manual work and the type of investments they offer. I started this blog to document my personal experiences: researching the market and investing my own money in different platforms.


Unbiased reviews that show a fair and balanced opinion of both the good and the bad. No platform is perfect!

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I invest my own money and share monthly income reports with my historical returns.

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February 2017
Folk2Folk. A community focused P2P lending platform with grand ambitions. Have you got the £25,000 minimum investment to spare?
Peer to Peer Investment Trusts. Hands-off investment in peer to peer loans, in an ISA, with instant diversification…. at up to 20% discount! But, read this intro before you remortgage your house, it’s not as straight-forward as it sounds.
Property Moose. Invest in UK property from £10 a share, and get a monthly rental yield and capital appreciation on sale. Is it the end of do-it-yourself buy-to-let?

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February 2017
Compounding Returns & The Importance of Investing Early. There’s two investors: the first who puts away £2,000 per year between the ages of 19 and 25 then nothing afterwards, and a second who puts away the same £2,000 each year from the age of 26 to 65. Assuming (optimistically) both investments return 10%, who makes the most return by the age of 65?
Newbies: Read this tip before making your first RateSetter investment. I’ve had a number of people contact me about this first time RateSetter mistake, so I wanted to write a specific post to let you know the ‘trick’ before you make your first investment. With a few more clicks you can get a rate of return 0.1%-0.4% higher than the ‘Lend it now’ rate.

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February 2017
RateSetter Provision Fund Terms Update. For RateSetter investors that missed the note in their monthly statement, they are making a change to their provision fund terms from the 1st of March.
January-17 Income Report. What return did I get from my peer to peer and property crowdfunding investments in January 2017? Unfortunately, no-one knows as I was away on holiday and didn’t do the calculation!

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