P2P cashback offers

P2P Lending Cashback Offers

Some of the largest P2P lending sites offer sign up bonuses for new registrations. For some P2P lending platforms these can be accessed directly through a cashback link. Other sites need a referral email to be requested which is directly associated with your name and email address. For the later I’ve made a request form below if you want me to raise the requests for you.

PlatformMinimum InvestmentCashbackMinimum Investment PeriodCashback Link & Terms and Conditions
Brickowner£1,000£50NoneInvest £1,000 within 30 days of opening account. Sign up via referral link. Email [email protected] to confirm.
CurrencyFair€1,000€30Single money transferCurrencyFair is a money transfer service, used by some who invest in Euro platforms. Join here & transfer at least €1,000
Funding Circle£2,000£502 monthsInvest £2000 before 30th June 2017. Need referral email (how?).
Funding Secure£1,000£251 monthReferral Link (takes you directly to registration)
Growth Street£2,000£10012 monthsSign up via this referral link. Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. Terms apply.
Landbay£1,000£5012 monthsWorking cashback link here. Must deposit £1000 in one transaction, and keep invested for 12 months.
Lending Works£1,000£506 monthsWorking cashback link here.
Property Partner£5,000£100NoneI can send you a personal invite via this form.
RateSetter£1,000£5012 monthsReferral Link - see RateSetters latest terms in the link.
RebuildingSociety£0£10NoneWorking cashback link here. You need to register, verify identity and make a deposit to receive cashback.
WiseAlpha£1,000+£25 - £250Staggered new customer bonus from £25 for £1k up to £250 for £25k. More details via this referral link.
Zopa£2,000£50NoneZopa sometimes closes off new investments when demand is too high. This referral link works when they are accepting new investors.


Form to Request Manual Referrals

Note: We'll only use this to request the referral email, then delete it afterwards.

Cashback FAQ’s

Q: I registered before realising there was a cashback offer available… is it too late?

A: That depends. If you’ve not gone through any ID or ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) checks it should be OK to just clear your browser cookies and re-register with a new email address. On the other hand if, you’ve verified your identity or made an investment it may not be so easy. If there’s any doubt it’s best to email the customer services of the relevant P2P platform and check with them. If you get it in an email to confirm that you’re eligible for the cashback offer that may make life easier if you need to chase it up 6 months/ 1 year later.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on Cashback offers?

A: This is a complex issue, the most informative piece I could find was Zopa’s guidance, which goes on to source two government documents (links below). What I understand from this is:

I also receive a bonus for most of the referral links above, which goes towards helping to run this site and develop the P2x comparison tool.