P2P cashback offers

P2P Lending Cashback Offers

Unfortunately many of the old Cashback offers are no longer running. These are the best offers which I am aware of that are still running:

P2P Cashback

Kuflink.comsign up with this link* – sliding scale of cashback, from 2% on an investment over £500 up to 4% on an investment over £100,000.

Funding Circlesignup with this link* – £50 Amazon gift card if you transfer in £2,000

Other Investment Cashback

WiseAlpha.comsign up with this link* – sliding scale of cashback, from £25 for £1,000+ investment up to £250 for £25,000+ investment.

Brickownersign up with this link*  and invest £1,000 within 30 days of opening account. Sign up via referral link. Email [email protected] to confirm.

Property Partnersign up with this link* – sliding scale of cashback, from £30 for £2,000 investment up to £750 for £50,000 investment

Money Transfer

CurrencyFair.com sign up with this link* and transfer the equivalent of 2000 euros for 50 euro cashback added to your account.

Cashback FAQ’s

Q: I registered before realising there was a cashback offer available… is it too late?

A: That depends. If you’ve not gone through any ID or ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) checks it should be OK to just clear your browser cookies and re-register with a new email address. On the other hand if, you’ve verified your identity or made an investment it may not be so easy. If there’s any doubt it’s best to email the customer services of the relevant P2P platform and check with them. If you get it in an email to confirm that you’re eligible for the cashback offer that may make life easier if you need to chase it up 6 months/ 1 year later.

Q: I didn’t get my cashback, what to do?

A: The first step is to contact the P2P site in question, it’s usually just a delay in payout. If that doesn’t work, and you are 100% sure you clicked through from P2Pblog, you can contact me via [email protected] and I will get in touch with the platform too.

Q: How do Cashback links work?

A: Cashback links usually work via the affiliate code at the end of the URL, for example website.com/?affiliate=p2pblog. Once you click through to the site, they will pften associate a ‘cookie’ with that affiliate link. Cookies allow the website to maintain data about you even when you close the browser window. So, if you have clicked through another cashback link to the P2P site recently, there may be another cookie which does not have a cashback offer. So to avoid ambiguity it is best to either clear cookies, or to just use a new incognito window.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on Cashback offers?

A: This is a complex issue, the most informative piece I could find was Zopa’s guidance, which goes on to source two government documents (links below). What I understand from this is:

*I also receive a bonus for these referral links above.